We can take a plain silver/aluminium toolbox and powder coat to over 6000 colours. #powdercoatinggeelong

New or old, rusty or pristine, you can have all your toolboxes the same colour or even something unique and hard wearing like “Hammertone”.

See our colour range HERE.

One of the best parts of powder coating is all the little scuffs and scratches are removed and your tool box will look brand new.

You can get custom made boxes and have them for 10 years or more… Powder-coating is 10 times harder than normal paint and we also sell touch-up cans for a large variety of colours.

Even if your toolbox is already painted we can #sandblast the old paint away then #primer / #undercoat, this physical bond to the metal is created by heating & expanding the metal so the primer/undercoat can liquify into all the scuffs and scratches, when the metal cools and shrinks this locks the primer, creates a weatherproof layer. Then we add the final coat at 210c baking the paint for 15 mins making it hard and chemically bonded to the primer.

The process involves heating and cooling the metal 3 times. To prevent rust from forming the primer is added directly after sandblasting.

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