This penetrating semi-gel formula clings to vertical surfaces like magic and removes even your toughest finishes fast & easy! KBS Paint Stripper is the most versatile and easy to use stripper available on the market today. Its special ingredients have been uniquely blended to provide a superior product that gels when it is sprayed on, thus eliminating runoff from vertical surfaces and no messy brushes! Uniquely a special built-in evaporation sealer allows the stripper to be active for hours with very low odour. It washes and rinses clean with water and leaves no residue. It does not contain acid or sodium hydroxide so the neutralization process is eliminated. This product will not darken or penetrate into wood grain making it effective on all woods and metals. It is also safe on glass surfaces and will not etch or damage the glass.


  • Gels, when sprayed, clings to vertical surfaces
  • Very low odour contains evaporation sealant
  • Will not raise wood grain or harm patina
  • Safe for all woods & metals leaves no residue
  • Fast commercial removal of coatings via spray application
  • Safe to use for the removal of old Tank Sealers


Lead-based paints, polyurethanes, lacquers, shellacs, marine finishes, tile and carpet alkyds, adhesives, epoxies, latex, stains, varnishes, masonry sealers, caulking, construction adhesives, sealants and rubber-based coatings, acrylics and fuel tank coatings.
Removes KBS Coatings & almost any finish you can think of!

Use on furniture, woodwork, machinery, masonry, antiques, floors, cars & boats, graffiti, OEM Finishes, car bodies and frames, fuel tanks and floors.

Not recommended for use with: Tile, Linoleum, Asphalt, Plastics, Rubber or Synthetics. May soften fibreglass.