Having a powder coating is one of the most durable surface types available to the public. Generally, powder coating is not used as an all over coat like auto paint is, due to the price but used on critical parts like chassis, rims, steel bumpers, trays and any other parts with the high risk of damage or likelihood of rust.

  • Ute Tray
Powder coating is 10 times stronger than regular car paint.

Powder coating can be expensive depending on the paint. We have over 6000 colours to choose from.

But the result is impressive and tough, offering the greatest protection for off-road vehicles. When you’re going bush or messing around in the sand it pays to protect your vehicle. Most people neglect the underside of there vehicle and pay for that mistake with rusted out mufflers and broken axels due to weak metal and rust damage. Take the extra step and have your vehicle last a lifetime. A protective primer and powder coating can save you money where it counts.

The time-consuming process of Powder Coating.
  • Prep = Sandblasting,
  • Protect = Primer,
  • First Curing = 210c Oven,
  • Second Coat = Colour or clear Powdercoat,
  • Second Curing = 180c – 250c depending on powder coat,
  • A slow cooldown = to achieve proper cohesion to the metal.

Don’t waste your time and money on normal paint or auto paint if you work hard or play hard, Powdercoating is for you!

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